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Suppose you need to maintain multiple projects with different coding styles, and if you are using same snippets from Yasnippet. Is it possible for yasnippet to format inserted snippets automatically to match different styles?

The answer is YES .

We can achieve this with 3 steps.

  1. Install emr emr is a package stands for emacs-refactor . this could be easily done with package
    (package-install "emr")

    emr provides some functionalists to refactor codes. Please refer to its homepage for more details. Here, what we will used is emr-cc-format-region, which in turn uses clang-format to format codes.

  2. Configure clang-format

    This could be by placing files named .clang-format in different folders. clang-format will read configurations from those files, and format codes as specified in those files. Then we need to set emr-clang-format-style to "file". This could be done by M-x: cumtomize, then search for emr-clang-format-style .

    For details related to clang, please refert to clang-format .

  3. Format codes after snippets inserted. We can add a hook in yas-after-exi to do this:
    (defun yc/yas-after-snippet ()
      "Format inserted snippets, if possible."
       ((member major-mode '(c-mode c++-mode objc-mode))
        (unless (fboundp 'emr-cc-format-region)
          (load "emr-c.el"))
          (emr-cc-format-region yas-snippet-beg yas-snippet-end))
        (when (and (not (looking-back (rx bol (* space))))
                   (< (point) yas-snippet-end))
        (if (looking-at "\n\n") (kill-line)))
       (t ""))
    (add-hook 'yas-after-exit-snippet-hook 'yc/yas-after-snippet))

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