ssh rsa not working

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Make sure the permissions on the ~/.ssh directory and its contents are proper. When I first set up my ssh key auth, I didn't have the ~/.ssh folder properly set up, and it yelled at me.

Your home directory ~, your ~/.ssh directory and the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the remote machine must be writable only by you: rwx—— and rwxr-xr-x are fine, but rwxrwx— is no good¹, even if you are the only user in your group (if you prefer numeric modes: 700 or 755, not 775).

If ~/.ssh or authorized_keys is a symbolic link, the canonical path (with symbolic links expanded) is checked.

Your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file (on the remote machine) must be readable (at least 400), but you'll need it to be also writable (600) if you will add any more keys to it.

Your private key file (on the local machine) must be readable and writable only by you: rw-——, i.e. 600.

Also, if SELinux is set to enforcing, you may need to run restorecon -R -v ~/.ssh (see e.g. Ubuntu bug 965663 and Debian bug report #658675; this is patched in CentOS 6).

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