Effective STL 43 - Prefer algorithm calls to hand-written loops

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Suppose you have a Widget class that supports redrawing:

class Widget
    virtual ~Widget();
    void redraw() const;

and you'd like to redraw all the Widgets in a list, you could do it within a loop:

list<Widget> lw;
// ...
for (list<Widget>::iterator i = lw.begin(); i != lw.end(); ++i)

But you could also do it with the for_each algorithm:

for_each(lw.begin(), lw.end(), mem_fun_ref(&Widget::redraw));

Why should we prefer algorithm to writing our own loop? Here are the reasons:

  • Efficiency:
    Algorithms are offten more efficient than the loops programmers produce.
  • Correctness:
    writing loops is more suject to errors than is calling algorithms.
  • maintainability:
    Algorithm calls often yield code that is clear and more straightforward than the corresponding explicit loops.

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