Android Debug Bridge (adb) device - no permissions

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I have a problem connecting HTC Wildfire A3333 in debugging mode with my Fedora Linux 17. Adb says:

./adb devices
                            List of devices attached 
                            ????????????    no permissions

my udev rules (first rule for Samsung which works just fine and second for HTC which is not):


For Samsung devices everything's okay:

 ./adb devices
                            List of devices attached 
                            00198a9422618e  device

I have been trying all of the answers given in a simmilar thread wthout any luck: Using HTC wildfire for android development



I just had this problem myself under Debian Wheezy. I restarted the adb daemon with sudo:

1. sudo ./adb kill-server
                            2. sudo ./adb start-server
                            3. sudo ./adb devices

Everything is working :)


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